Fall-Winter Collection




AB ITALIAN DESIGN is a design group working in the elds of fashion, lifestyle products and conducts its business primarily in the area of production of bags and accessories. It is a mixed group composed by different professionals united by a common interest on research: simplicity and emotion shape into a method where different materials meet and interact; the study of the layout as an expression of the content and the choice of a color is the synthesis of a feeling.

AB ITALIAN DESIGN has the Italian “feeling” and knowledge but an international vision of the world we are looking on. The goal of the group is to build an imaginary fashion, consisting in style objects, fashion icons and contemporary items.

We use plastic material in an alternative way. No more material in support of the design objects, but the matter itself from the project. Plastic, for us, is a material something to be shaped, cut, built. It’s a material apparently insigni cant, because it has no-soul but when it meets the design process nds its potential through the project; it’s helpful to connect shapes and colors.



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